Promote Your Inflatable Products' Business Through Email Marketing

As the owner of a business that hires bouncy castles and other inflatable products, you need to promote it online to grab a share of the ever-increasing inflatable products' market. People hire these products during the birthday of their kids and on other fun occasions. However, merely having a website displaying your products will not help, even if you get it optimised for search engines, because of the vast number of competitors. Although there are several options such as advertising on social media and using Adwords, they all cost a considerable sum of money before they start giving results. In such a scenario, you can cut down your marketing costs with the help of email marketing software. You can set the program so that it sends emails to potential clients, especially when they are planning to host a birthday party for their kids.

Extra information about email marketing software

Preparing your Email Marketing list

You can gather the details by using a form on your website along with an incentive such as a free booklet for everyone who fills up the form and submits it. One of the fields should contain the details of kids along with their date of birth. You can then enter this information into the program. You also have to include the details of the inflatable products you offer, along with its image and its rental price per hour. There will be occasions when people add your items to their shopping cart and get through a portion of the checkout process and then left the site without purchasing. In such a scenario, you should send them a reminder email politely stating that they have not purchased goods they added to their shopping cart. The name of this process is "abandoned cart email." It will help you increase business, as the recipient will believe that you care for them.

Other methods

Offer promotions or discounts to your customers when they order an inflatable product from your site. Offer a promotional discounted price for first-time customers. Offer special deals for those who have already hired your products in the past. You can depend on the email marketing software to send out emails a couple of days before the actual birthday date of the recipient. It also sends a message to your client that you care for them. Send out mass emails to all your customers each time you add a new product. You can quickly increase your business by following the above steps.